In the hustle and bustle of going through the motions in life, time sure flies to when you first came into my life. When I first met you, a part of me wondered if he would have had any similarities with you, but now I know that…

You are so unpredictable in so many ways, your habits are still forming, and you are slowly learning to express yourself and communicate your desires.

You light up my life instantly from the day when we first met, from the day I first held you.

You’re growing way too quickly, perhaps you could slow it down a little for me to have more time to enjoy the little perks of seeing you smile, attempt to sit or crawl on your own, or even to reach out to touch and feel the curves and outlines of my face.

You’ve brought so much indescribable joy into my life. A smile from you and all my worries, anxiousness, anger, pain and sorrow just vanish.

Thank you for sharing your little milestones with me, it is a great honour and privilage to be part of your life. I truly cherish it dearly.

Love you very much sweetheart, and here’s to celebrating your sixth month.