It’s all about timing. I’m seriously serious about timing. Like I cannot stand people that are always late, for whatever function or appointment. It’s pretty inconsiderate in my books; making others wait. 

But somehow, when it comes to God I must say that He’s never late in His timing. It’s pretty simple actually, just cause; everything happens in His time. 

He doesn’t make a promise, then not be there. He is always there. It’s just a matter of time as to when He gives us our replies to petitions or prayer needs we’ve committed to Him. 

I must say, God never fails to amaze me  with His timing and the way He allows things to happen. Sometimes its amusing, sometimes it kills me to wait, sometimes I get tired of waiting, sometimes I want an immediate answer, sometimes I wish there won’t be an answer. But most of the time, I’ve learned with time and maturity, to wait on the Lord. 

To slow down, take a breather and wait on Him. To be more still and quiet, rather than go on and on ranting or asking. Sometimes it just takes a quiet moment. 

Learn to wait on the Lord, and allow Him to work wonders; coz really, He knows BEST!