Things don’t always go as planned and Plan B should always be on stand-by. Sometimes I don’t understand why things happen the way they do, but it has happened and more is bound to happen, and sometimes we just won’t understand why it happens.

For some of you that must be wondering what I’m getting at, well let me just give you some overview about what has been going on with my eyes. Well to be more specific, its my right eye. Since last year, I had problems with it. I had this infection which occurred suddenly out of the blue. (I wasn’t even wearing contact lens yet)

Somehow, the infection created a scratch on my cornea and there was a little part of the cornea that dislodged. The doctor managed to fix it. I’ll not go into details, hence any of my readers start freaking out. However, later on after it healed, or so I thought, and so did the doctor. I was given the green light to wear contact lens- and so I proceeded to do so.

Then, the problems began. Because contact lens stay on yr eyes, when I removed them, it was like a suction and it dislodged that same part of my cornea again. I was on MC for like a week plus, coz I really couldn’t see and was in so much pain. In actual fact, it was so scary.

After that, I never touched my contact lens again and resorted to stick with my glasses- thinking that the problem would not occur again. However, after a few months, the problem occurred again(even without the use of contact lens), and the epithelial layer of the cornea kept either loosening or giving me so much pain that I had to be permanently on eyedrops every few hours a day and eye gel at night before I went to sleep. And the problem kept recurring every few months.

Therefore, when the doctor offered me a permanent solution, I decided to get a procedure done to get rid of the problem permanently. I resorted to PRK surgery. Due to my hectic schedule in University and in church-related things, I chose the date which I thought would be the best and most ideal, which was yesterday, 20th August 2011. It seemed like the best date, coz I was getting two weeks off from Uni and exams were just over. I had everything planned out, when to do surgery, recuperate, get my other duties done, revamp my room, visit grandma and the list goes on.

So I got ready yesterday and headed to the clinic to get the procedure done. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes things are beyond our control and we don’t understand why God let things happen, but sometimes its just beyond our control. I waited for my turn a the doctor’s place, and it was certainly a long wait. Then after the doctor did all the final checks that he needed to do, the nurse came in and told the doctor there was some problem with the machine.

So I had to wait some more while the doctor went to check out the machine. Then, he returned and apologized and told me I couldn’t do the procedure as the machine was having problems, and he said he would call me when the machine was fixed. I told him I needed to get the procedure done asap as Uni will begin in two weeks-and its a short semester, so I cannot be missing classes. He said he’ll try his best, as he’s depending on the technician.

Honestly, I was disappointed and quite upset, as I had everything planned. However, looking on the bright side, I thank God that the doctor realized the machine was giving problems, as if he had found out only half way through the surgery, that would be so….. I think you get the picture. To my understanding, maybe God didn’t want me to get it done yet, and well I’m just trusting everything will happen in God’s time. So I’ll keep praying and waiting.

So what was plan B ?? Well, since I didn’t get the procedure done, I decided to begin my room revamp first. And I’m so happy I managed to completed my room walls !! Its all newly painted and looks brand new. Daddy dearest gave me a hand and we both completed painting the room this morning. Thanks Dad !

Here are some pictures:

First, we white-washed the walls yesterday evening. 

Then, we painted the blue paint 

The shade of blue is so nice right ? Well, of course, coz yours truly selected the colour !! haha. 

I know I need to change my curtain rods and my curtains. Can’t stand the flowers anymore. haha! This curtains are going to go to my place in Cheras, and I’ll get new ones for my crib here 🙂

My rooms nearly done. Next would be just furniture, curtain rods, curtains and beddings and I’m done with my room revamp !! Not to forget the world map and pictures to decorate my room.

Hmm… I think I need to repaint my door too. After that, my girl friends can come for sleepovers!! Sorry guys, would love to have you over too, but erm… my parents would freak out  🙂

So yea, thats what happened this weekend. Such an eventful weekend. Looking to what’s ahead. Before I end this post I just wanna say thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of my surgery, thanks for your fb posts, texts, calls and even for my bestie who came all the way to the clinic with me, and for our church members that dropped by the clinic. It really meant a lot. Sorry for the postponed surgery, but it your support and prayers meant a lot, really. Thanks !! And do continue praying.

Have a great week ahead people! Try to look on the bright-side even when things don’t turn out the way we like. Signing off !