Dearest Gp,

 I’ve been caught up in the rush hour, the hectic lifestyle,

The orders, the errands, the assignments, the deadlines,

The media, the television, the Internet.

So many distractions have come my way.

Some have passed, some are still being worked on.

I thought this was the way to go about it,

I thought this was the way to move on,

I thought this was the way to forget the pain of missing you,

I thought this was best to help me let you go,

But , I’ve got it all wrong.

Deep down inside, behind the ‘ mask ‘ I wear,

I constantly miss you,

I look around for you sometimes, forgetting your no longer with us,

Wishing you could join us for a game or two.

Sometimes I still count and extra place at the table for you,

Placing an extra chair there, then realizing that you won’t be there.

I realized I can never forget you, nor let you go.

You’ll always be in my heart, you’ll cross my mind all the time,

You’ll still remain my inspiration, the way you have always been,

Whether in my writing, my serving God, or with family.

I can only learn to accept your no longer with us.

But I’m sure your looking down, and watching us everyday.

In fact, you’ve probably started writing your own pieces up there.

No doubt I miss you a great deal,

And tears still flow thinking about you.

The pain of missing you is still fresh,

Yet, I know your in the care of the finest and bestest hands….

I love you lots !

p.s : I’m still thinking what to plant at your place of resting… I’ll get it done soon okay. Love you.